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The Trump administration is moving to a significant reduction in its contributions to NATO's collective budget. This is reported by CNN.

It is noted that the White House has agreed with NATO a new formula for contributions to the alliance’s general budget.

The Pentagon notes that the savings will help fund other US efforts in the field of defense and security in Europe, "in particular for defense programs for Ukraine and Georgia.

At NATO headquarters, they say that all allies agreed with the new cost-sharing formula, which was agreed literally in the last week.

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"According to the new formula, the share of spending by most European allies and Canada will increase, and the share of the United States will decrease. This is an important demonstration of the Alliance’s commitment to the Alliance, as well as a more equitable distribution of the burden," said the representative of NATO.

Previously, the United States provided about 22% of NATO’s direct funding, which covered headquarters maintenance costs, joint security investments, and individual military operations. In total, NATO's budget is about $ 2.5 billion per year.

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