Trump announced an attempted coup in the US


The decision to initiate an investigation into a conspiracy with Russia, which was allegedly entered by the electoral headquarters of the current US President Donald Trump in 2016, and the investigation itself was an attempted coup.That’s what the head of the White House said on April 10 before a working visit to the state of Texas.

“It was a coup attempt. It was an attempt to remove the president from office. It was an illegal investigation, it was launched illegally,” said Trump.

In addition to this, he called the investigation “illegal witch hunt” and assured that “most of all now is interested in returning to the very moment when it all began, and examine it.”


“Everyone knew it. And now they got caught. What they did was treason, it was awful, it was a violation of our constitution,” Trump added.

At the same time, he admitted that he had not yet read the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who was conducting the investigation.

“I did not read Muller’s report. As for me, I don’t care about Muller’s report, I’m completely justified,” the president said.

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