Trump protects from the court only the office of president

More than four hundred former American prosecutors said that US President Donald Trump avoids prosecution only because of his post.

The joint appeal of lawyers was published in response to the report of the special prosecutor Robert Muller, reports DW.

A letter from lawyers says that Muller’s report on Trump’s alleged ties to Russia with his campaign headquarters contained enough action to bring to justice. Among such actions are Trump's attempts to dismiss Müller, limit the scope of the investigation, and prevent investigators from working with witnesses.

The letter's authors refer to the internal situation of the American Ministry of Justice of 1973, which interprets the US Constitution in favor of the current president, who cannot be held accountable.

Retired prosecutors believe that any other person on the site of Trump would have been charged.

Among the signatories of the appeal are representatives of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

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The US Department of Justice published an edited version of the 400-page report of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Recall, Special Prosecutor Robert Muller did not find evidence of collusion between the election headquarters of Donald Trump and the Russians.

Muller reviewed 10 episodes related to Trump and possible obstacles to the investigation. William Barr said that there is not enough evidence to charge the president.

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