Trump refused to attend a Congressional committee hearing on his impeachment case

Advisor to the head of the White House, Pat Cipollone, said that US President Donald Trump will not participate in the hearing of the House of Representatives Legal Committee on the impeachment case, which is set for December 4. It is reported by CNN.

Cipollone notified Trump of the committee chairman Jerry Nadler’s refusal in writing.

As the adviser to the head of the White House noted, the reason for the refusal was that no witnesses had been appointed in the case, and it was also unclear "whether the legal committee will be able to provide the president with a fair process through additional hearings."

"Accordingly, in the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in the hearing on Wednesday," the letter said.

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In addition, the official accused the Democrats of deliberately ordering a hearing on the day that Trump should be at the NATO summit in London.

On account of whether Trump will participate in the hearing on Friday, will be additionally informed.

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