Trump responded to the situation in Venezuela and threatened Cuba with sanctions

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, responded to the clashes that occurred during the protests in Venezuela.

As the American president wrote, he is “very carefully” following the situation that is unfolding in Venezuela. Trump added that the US supports the Venezuelan protesters.

“I am very attentive to the situation in Venezuela. The United States remains with the people of Venezuela and their freedom!” He said.

In addition, Trump said the United States would impose high-level sanctions on Cuba because of the involvement of Cuban law enforcement agencies in clashes in Venezuela.

"If the Cuban military and police do not stop the military and other operations to overthrow the constitutional system in Venezuela, then the highest level sanctions against the island of Cuba will be imposed," he stressed.

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Recall, on April 30, part of the Venezuelan military supported opposition leader Juan Guaydo in overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro. Thousands of people took to the protests in the capital of Caracas and other cities in the country.

Note that the protests in Venezuela turned into a confrontation between government forces and the military, who went over to the side of the protesters. According to the latest data, fifty people were injured during the clashes.

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