Trump threatened Turkey with the destruction of the economy in the case of "forbidden" actions

US President Donald Trump has threatened Turkey with economic sanctions if "forbidden" actions are taken in Syria, after the withdrawal of US troops. Trump wrote about this on his Twitter.

According to Trump, Turkey and European countries should monitor the captured ISIS fighters and their families.

"If Turkey does something that I consider unacceptable, I will completely destroy the Turkish economy. The US has done much more than anyone could have expected, including the capture of 100% of the Islamic State Islamic State Caliphate. It is time for others in this region who have enormous wealth, protect your territory, "wrote Trump.

Note that after the information about the withdrawal of troops from Syria to the United States, there were fears that this could open the way for a Turkish strike on the Kurdish forces, long united with Washington.

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Earlier, Turkish President Rajep Erdogan said that Turkey was ready to start a military operation in northern Syria, where it is planned to create a "safe zone". According to Erdogan, the Turkish command has already received the necessary instructions.

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