Tusk accused Johnson of missing realistic border offers after Brexit

European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of not having realistic proposals on Britain’s border with the EU after Brexit. Tusk said Johnson is not making any real proposals to maintain a free border between Ireland, which is part of the European Union, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

"The insurance plan ensures that you can avoid the" tight border "on the island of Ireland until or if an alternative is found," Tusk tweeted. “Those who oppose the insurance plan and do not offer realistic alternatives in return support the restoration of the border. Even if they do not recognize it.”

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British Prime Minister seeks resumption of negotiations on the conditions of Brexit. However, the EU has already stated that they are not going to do this, since they consider the agreements reached during negotiations with the government of Theresa May to be optimal. Despite this, Johnson expressed his willingness to get Britain out of the European Union before October 31.

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