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The 26th General Session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, held in the Georgian capital, was overshadowed by provocations, which eventually resulted in riots and street pogroms. The Georgian side quite naturally blamed Moscow for what is happening and continues street confrontation with supporters of Saakashvili.

Few people know, but for the first time in many years the event was visited by the Ukrainian delegation. It included people's deputies from the BPP, the Popular Front and the Radical Party, and it was they who became the real instigators of the unrest that started in the country, and the whole operation was controlled from the outset by Ukrainian special services.

If their goal was to discredit the Russian delegation, this could be considered a successful event of native counterintelligence, but the task for both the people's deputies and street hooligans brought to Tbilisi the day before was completely different.

How and by whom provocation of the international level was conceived was told by an officer of the SBU.

“I explain with a fresh example: the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy took place in Tbilisi. Quite suddenly for the first time lately representatives from Ukraine took part in it, and not anyone, but deputies from BPP, the Popular Front and Lyashkov clowns – that is, the whole coalition fraternity. This, a few days before the assembly in Tbilisi, SBUshie titushki from Ukraine began to arrive.

The plan was as follows: the deputies were supposed to provoke a conflict at the Assembly itself, and provokers sent by the SBU would be lit up as much as possible in protests, if necessary, heating the situation to the desired degree. About the upcoming protest of the Georgian opposition, by the way, it was known in advance, and the calculation was on him.

Thus, the BPP and its loyal service leadership intended to discredit Zelensky by dragging him into an international scandal at the very beginning of the presidency. However, as you already guessed, something went wrong. "- A security officer writes in the Mole of the SBU Telegram channel.

It is obvious that for the outgoing power it is extremely important to discredit opponents before the rapidly approaching elections to the Rada. For the sake of such a thing, they are ready to draw Ukraine into a grand international scandal. Failures of Zelensky in this field will be actively replicated by the Poroshenko-controlled media in the context of "and under the previous president, Ukraine was not an international scarecrow."

It remains only to thank the wise Georgian politicians for their unwillingness to take the rubbish out of the hut for the second time and to spoil bilateral relations. However, everyone has patience limits. I think that the short-sighted and provocative activities of the officials appointed under Poroshenko will nevertheless lead Ukraine to international isolation.

The only question is that in this situation the “Ze team” will do. To force the renewal of power, or surrender to the rapid flow of events and crawl in any direction to Europe, the USA or even Russia in a pose of deep humility.

However, judging by the recent Zelensky tour, the main European players have already sent him to a well-known foot erotic route, domestic problems and pride will not allow him to flirt with Moscow, and the United States has long viewed Ukraine as an object, not a subject of international law.

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