Urdu 10th Matric Class Guess Paper 2018

Urdu 10th Class Guess Paper


Chapters for question

  • 4,5,6,9,10,12,17,


  • Markzi khyal
  • Fatma bent Abdullah,
  • mediane krbla,
  • HLkesaan


  • Ye fakhar to hasil hai,
  • Museebt bhi rahat,
  • admi admi say.
  • Ghazal for tashreezno.21 .24.
  • Nzum for Tashree:1 6,17,19,20

Urdu Kholasa Guess Papers for 2018


Note: The advantages of the evening form of education are the following: The study time is reduced in most cases by a year or two, In lectures, teachers allow students to use mini dictophones edic and other storage devices, Teachers’ requirements for students are less than for full-time students, as often people who receive evening education have the goal of obtaining the largest possible amount of knowledge, they do not need to be forced (although sometimes it happens on the contrary – the student only has a diploma), It is easier to enter evening classes than for the day; sometimes students who do not enter the hospital, without any problems pass to the evening on the same points, According to the law, employers must create certain conditions for employees receiving education: additional paid holidays, etc. Evening students, as well as full-time students, have the opportunity to enter post-graduate and master’s programs. The shortcomings of evening training include the following: It is quite difficult to transfer from evening to full-time studies, It is not always possible to combine two areas of activity as effectively as possible: work and study, Combining work and study does not allow full enjoying a carefree student life.

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