US Department of Justice should examine the relationship between Ukraine and Clinton


US Attorney General Bill Barr is working on “emergency” disclosures against leaders from Ukraine who allegedly in 2016 deliberately disclosed information about the “dark deeds” of Republican electoral head of the Republican Paul Manafort.According to him, this could be done to help Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. He added that last month, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko opened production regarding the leakage of information from the so-called black bookkeeping of Viktor Yanukovych. These data forced Manafort to leave the post of head of the election headquarters of Trump.

The investigation began after an audio recording appeared, in which two anti-corruption officials from Ukraine allegedly admit that they published financial information about Manafort and information about his connections with Russian actors in Ukraine deliberately to help Clinton in 2016.

Fox News also writes that a court in Ukraine recently declared a leak of information about Manafort an illegal attempt to influence US elections. TV presenter Sean Hanniti asked Trump if the Americans need to see the results of a Ukrainian investigation regarding Clinton’s possible collaboration with Ukrainian officials.

“I think so. I can imagine that Barr will want to see it. I, of course, rely on the prosecutor general. We will see what he says about it. It seems like a big deal, a very interesting episode regarding Ukraine. I recently spoke with the new president and congratulated him. But it seems like a very, very big deal. And I’m not surprised, “Trump said.

RBC-Ukraine wrote that the director of the NABU Artem Sytnik said that the statement of Lutsenko, in which he publicly suggested the intervention of the NABU in the American elections, was not true and is an absurd attempt to discredit the bureau.

Sytnik is confident that detectives did not collect and did not pass on evidence of the crimes of political consultant Paul Manafort, who before the scandal with the “black bookkeeping” of the Party of Regions headed the election headquarters of Donald Trump.

Recall, the court sentenced former political consultant Viktor Yanukovich and Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort to 7.5 years. Manafort pleaded guilty to these crimes, as well as conspiring to launder money, tax fraud, and international lobbying without registration, and agreed to cooperate with the investigation in September.


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