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A statement was made by the US Department of Health that washing raw chicken before cooking can be very dangerous – this increases the risk of bacteria infection and poisoning.

Experts called on US citizens to abandon the habit of washing chicken and turkey before cooking. According to experts, such washing promotes the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of the kitchen. The corresponding warning is posted on the official website of the government.

“Hot water is not able to kill salmonella, but at the same time harmful microorganisms are sprayed with water on kitchen utensils and utensils, which increases their risk of getting into the human body.

According to the data provided by doctors, in 25% of cases, salmonella was found in salads of people who washed the bird before cooking. Traces of bacteria were also recorded on the surface of kitchen furniture and in spices.

Experts warn that only prolonged heat treatment, at which the internal temperature of the product is at least 74 degrees Celsius, is the only way to kill harmful bacteria.

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In addition, in order to prevent bacteria from the chicken from entering neighboring surfaces, you should keep raw chicken as far away as possible from the prepared dishes, as well as wash your hands and dishes thoroughly.

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