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Massachusetts police began testing Boston Dynamics robots to complete tasks. So far they have not been equipped with weapons, but have already been used in two “incidents”. This is stated in documents studied by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The police began testing robots in April 2019, however, the documents do not contain information about which incidents Spot was used in. It is also unclear whether they were controlled remotely or whether the devices worked autonomously.

By agreement between Boston Dynamics and the Massachusetts police, the agency does not have the right to publish images of the robot. Formally, the police are forbidden to even take it off. The memorandum of understanding was valid from August 7 to November 5.

As noted at Gizmodo, it is likely that Boston Dynamics began to cooperate with the police precisely from the four-legged Spot, because it scares people less. Boston Dynamics CEO Mark Rybert explained in an interview with that in some aspects company robots are really like people, but that does not mean that they have “emotions, personality or ego”.

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Representatives of Boston Dynamics told Gizmodo that the Massachusetts police really use robots. The company claims that so far this is her only partnership in the field of public safety.

Boston Dynamics expects that in the next 5-10 years, Spot will be used for dangerous situations, for example, inspection of suspicious baggage and incidents. At the same time, the company called the main goal the safety of people.

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