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Ivan Bezugly discovered how Victoria Beckham always managed to look perfect, and shared with you his findings.

Successful business lady, style icon, wife of the most coveted man on the planet and mother of four children still do not smile in photographs, which does not interfere she has an excellent sense of humor and is a wonderful conversationalist on any topic, including the curious beauty and healthy lifestyle of her life.

About advice from mom: “She always said that it’s enough to do makeup and that will instantly change the situation. This is what I do when I feel sad or my head is full of all sorts of stupid things. ”

About hair removal: “I've never shaved my legs in my life. At one time it was simply not important, and then I heard about the laser from my friend Eva Longoria. She warned me that after several sessions of laser hair removal, single hairs can still remain and they need to be pulled out later – in my case everything was perfectly smooth right away. ”

About eyebrows: “Before, I did not deal with them so carefully, but now they have become my obsession. I have a whole cosmetic bag of Anastasia Beverly Hills tools and products, but I restrain myself in every way so as not to accidentally get carried away. I like thick eyebrows more. ”

About wrinkles: “They are inevitable, but I am doing everything possible so that over time they are not too noticeable. Plastic surgery is not my option, so every day I take a total of 22 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals and bee pollen to age as beautifully as possible. ”

Eyebrow Kit, Anastasia Beverly HillsBee Pollen Capsules, Manuka Health; 3. Dietary supplement with biotin, Solgar; 4. Dietary supplement with vitamin C and dietary fiber Organic Camu Camu, Kiki Health

About cosmetic care: “Now I am a fan of Lancer products from dermatologist Harold Lancer, whom I met in Los Angeles. All of them contain sheep placenta extract and colloidal gold. I like their quick and noticeable result. I can, like many, still remember the importance of water and proper sleep – but when you have four children, this is easier said than done, so I rely on Dr. Lancer. ”

About nails: “For the most part I wear nails of a calm shade of nude. I work a lot, and spend the rest of the time with my family, so I don’t have the opportunity to be a trend setter in this area, except for my only collection of two shades for the Nails Inc. manicure brand. ”

Germanium alloy cosmetic instrument Microcurrent Tool, LancerVictoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc nail polishes, shades of Judo Red and Bamboo White

About the body: On the advice of my friend and former Spice Girls colleague, Jerry Hollywell, I complete each shower with a shower of iced water. At first it was simply unbearable, but I repeated to myself in a whisper the mantra “second of a nightmare, a year of happiness” and this became a pleasant and useful habit. I love the inexpensive Weleda body cream with extracts of rosemary, violet and calendula: it is very thick and completely non-sticky, it copes with dry hands, knees and elbows, but is absorbed without a trace. ”

About makeup: “Most of all I like Stila products (especially their tonal products and eyeshadows). I never cheat on Touche Eclat, YSL, Make Up For Ever (No. 23), Lip Glow, Burberry (Nutmeg) and Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden. As you have noticed, I’m a big fan of smoky eyes and nude lips – I’m not sure that I will ever decide on something else. ”

Body Cream Skin Food, WeledaMultifunctional Cream Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden

About heels: “I'm always in heels, in flat shoes, my legs hurt, can you imagine? Bliss greasy cream helps me take care of my legs – I put a thick layer before bedtime and put on special socks. “It was necessary to see the eyes of my husband David, when I first went to bed in this form.”

About sports and diet: “No special diets – just very healthy food (fish, vegetables, organic fruits). Every day I get up at six in the morning and run at least four miles. I do Pilates four times a week. Six or seven days a week I dedicate to training with Tracy Anderson, SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp. ”

Foot cream with aloe, mint and hydroxy acids Foot Patrol, BlissPrecision Toning Training Course by Tracy Anderson

About the fragrance: “I remember how in my youth I collected empty bottles from under Chanel No. 5 – this was my secret madness. Now my husband and I are releasing (and wearing) perfumes of our own production. I alternate Intimately Beckham for Her and Beckham Signature for Her. The peculiarity of the male and female versions is that their key notes are similar. We like this idea, because David and I have so much in common. I always recommend not to abuse the perfume – to hear it before you appear in sight is somewhat strange for me. And never put perfume on your hair: they are fluffy and even change color if chemically colored. ”

About publication: "The constant smoky eyes and shimmering body cream Body Bling Platinum, Scott Barnes in the neckline to control the situation."

Fragrance Intimately Beckham for Her, David & Victoria BeckhamBeckham Signature for Her, David & Victoria Beckham

About free time: “Comfortable clothes, no makeup, a book that you put aside to read every time, and This Works face mask.”

Shimmering Moisturizing Body Cream Body Bling Platinum, Scott BarnesAnti-aging mask No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask, This Works


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