(Video) German circus uses fascinating holograms instead of animals. And the audience is delighted!

The German Circus Roncalli refused to use animals in performances. Instead, he uses new technologies that create magnificent three-dimensional holograms of animals. And the audience is delighted, writes the Daily Mail.

The circus Roncalli in Berlin has been entertaining the audience with its shows since 1976. The highlight of his program has always been "poetic and acrobatic numbers," but without animals the circus will not be a circus. Considering the protests of animal defenders against the cruel treatment of our smaller brothers and prohibitions on using wild animals in circuses, the Roncalli administration last year refused numbers with animals. They were replaced by holograms.

Optoma corporation producing professional audiovisual equipment helped circus actors. Three-dimensional holograms fill the entire circus arena with a width of 32 meters and a depth of 5 meters, with a 360 ° visibility for the entire audience. Holograms up to 5 meters high delight not only children, but also adults. Horses, elephants and even a goldfish appear on the scene.

Screenshot / Optoma EMEA / youtube.com

Circus founder Bernhard Paul invested more than 500 thousand euros in a light show. Over the year, the show was visited by over 600 thousand visitors who paid for tickets from 29 to 70 euros. The circus enjoys immense popularity among viewers, and its revenues have only increased after replacing animals with holograms.

Screenshot / Optoma EMEA / youtube.com

“This is the future of the circus – a performance that anyone can enjoy, and there is no need to use animals as objects of entertainment,” said the president of Animal Defenders International Jan Creame in an interview with The Dodo.

With the introduction of new technologies in the circus, both the audience, and animal rights activists, and network users are pleased.

“This is incredible! Thank you on behalf of all animals and animal lovers from around the world! ”- users are writing.

“They can even make holograms of unicorns, imagine!”

“Awesome! A circus without cruelty is the circus of the future. ”

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