(Video) Programmer fashioned for cats shelter that recognizes the muzzles of animals and their diseases

A passionate cat lover, a Chinese programmer, Wang Xi, fashioned in the backyard of his house in Beijing a haven for furry purrs living in the street.

According to the online edition of Bored Panda, this is the world's first cat shelter with artificial intelligence. It is made of glass and wood, homeless cats in the Chinese capital will find there a safe, warm and incredibly cozy shelter.

Screenshot / Elin / youtube.com

Before building a home for furry strollers, Van turned to animal welfare volunteers to learn about the living conditions of stray cats.

From them, he learned that many stray cats live no more than two years due to lack of medical care. Many of them have common diseases that no one monitors and, accordingly, does not cure. Only four out of ten homeless purrs manage to survive the cold winter.

Animal health organizations estimate that around 40,000 stray kittens live on the streets of China. Upon learning of this, Wang decided to take immediate action and help furry wanderers.

“At first, I wanted to equip them with a warm shelter for the winter season, where there was used food and water that would not freeze. But as construction progressed, the project quickly acquired new ideas, and as a result I built a high-tech shelter for cats, which can serve as a temporary veterinary clinic, ”the programmer tells the publication.

Screenshot / Elin / youtube.com

The temperature inside the shelter is kept at 27 ° C with the help of a heating system, and cameras with muzzle recognition are installed on the doors. Doors open only for cats. Smart CCTV cameras can not only recognize fluffy lumps, but also look for the health problems that they face.

The four-legged residents of the shelter are provided with food, water and even toys.

Screenshot / Elin / youtube.com

The house is monitored by a team of volunteers, including Wang, and messages from the orphanage come to them about any problems that have arisen in the temporary cat shelter. For example, about common diseases such as herpes virus or gingivostomatitis.

A high-tech shelter can also determine if the cat entering it has been spayed and the cat neutered. Data is updated regularly.

It seems that in the invented shelter there is everything that may be necessary for cats living on the street. The most important thing is that they have a place where you can spend frosty nights, and wonderful people who spend their time with pleasure to help the needy mustached and striped.

To see the cats enjoying the new hideout, watch the video below.

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