(Video) The fattest boy in the world weighed 192 kg and could not go to school. Losing weight, he continued his studies


10-year-old Arya Perman from West Java weighed 192 kg, six times as high as normal. Because of this, the boy could hardly move and could not go to school, so he simply lay on the floor, slept or watched TV.

Arya was born with a normal weight of 3.8 kg, but from the age of nine he suddenly began to recover quickly. By the age of ten, the boy was already weighing 192 kg!

Due to good appetite, Arya ate double servings five times a day. Doctors recommended monitoring portion sizes and calorie intake, but this did not help.

Photo: screenshot / MinuteNews / youtube.com

Arya did not attend school due to overweight, but the teacher, who worked with him at home, was sure that the boy had a bright future, because he copes with his studies.

Arya lost weight after shunting the stomach *, the May 2017 edition of the Daily Mail reported. At the hospital, the patient was prescribed a strict diet, and the boy lost enough weight to return to school, where he has many friends.

Now the boy is 12 years old. Parents hope that problems with the weight of his son will soon be a thing of the past.

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