(Video) The world's first TV presenter with artificial intelligence appeared on Chinese television.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua “hired” a virtual woman named Xin Xiaomen as a TV news presenter. Its creator was the search company Sogou, reports Futurism.

Earlier, the news on the "Xinhua" has already led two TV presenters, men with artificial intelligence. Now they are joined by Xin.

Appearance and voice Xin Xiaomen are modeled with employee Xinhua, Qu Meng. Xin does not have to learn in a course of journalism or public speaking, she adds her knowledge right during her work. Before the air in Xin lay the finished text, after which the hologram will read it.

In a short video, the cyber leader reports that she will take up her duties from March.

“Hello to everyone who looks. Welcome to the Xinhua channel. I am the world's first female TV presenter with artificial intelligence, created by Xinhua, together with the search company Sogou. I am Xin Xiaomen. "

Xin will cover the country's main political events: the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Council of China.

In the future, Xin and two other robots will talk with each other in full-fledged programs and exchange news.

Screenshot / New China TV / youtube.com

Cybermen appeared on Xinhua last November. During their work, they spent more than 3,400 news releases with a total duration of more than 10,000 minutes. Each of them can work 24 hours a day on its official website, "reducing the cost of producing news and increasing efficiency."

However, in a short time men will be “fired”, replacing them with more advanced versions. For example, the new cyber-leader Xin Xiaohao has more natural lip movements, is able to stand up and gesticulate.

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