(Video) Transforming robot rolls through the streets of China, causing fear and admiration among passersby

A resident of Beijing rides through the streets on a robot of his own design. The robot operates in two modes – as a tank and humanoid, according to the publication Сnet.

The creation of the robot is timed to the annual Taobao Maker Festival, where engineers demonstrate their inventions.

According to the designer, the robot cabin accommodates two people. The robot itself weighs about seven tons.

The owner of the robot drives around it in the city, frightening and attracting passersby. Crowds of people tend to take pictures on the background of the robot, which serves as an obstacle to traffic.

A man got permission from the police to go for a walk on a robot. He explained that before the beginning of the festival he needed to test the robot on the roads. He was allowed to move around the streets with little-lived so as not to create traffic jams, but it seems that the robot ignores this rule.

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