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A new study by US scientists confirms the importance of taking vitamin D among cancer patients.

Vitamin D intake can help cancer patients live longer, said researchers at Michigan State University. This conclusion was made by scientists after they studied the data of more than 79,000 patients suffering from cancer, obtained in several randomized clinical trials. In particular, they tracked vitamin D and placebo use by patients over a three-year period. As a result, the researchers concluded that taking vitamin D can prolong the life of cancer patients.

After analyzing the correlation of cancer incidence and cancer mortality, the scientists stated: “The difference in mortality rates between patients taking vitamin D and placebo was statistically significant. This confirms the importance of taking a vitamin among cancer patients. "

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What exactly provides the similar effect of vitamin D on cancer patients has yet to be established. As well as exactly what amount of vitamin can achieve the effect of prolonging life. So far, experts have been able to establish that in order to increase the survival of cancer patients, it is necessary to take the coveted vitamin for at least three years.

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