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Mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine and State PrivatBank have created an identification system based on two Mobile ID technologies (Vodafone) and Bank ID (PrivatBank). This is reported by the press service of the mobile operator.

“In practice, this means that now customers of both companies will be able to use an expanded range of services. Thanks to the partnership of Vodafone and PrivatBank, it has become even easier and more convenient:

– file and sign petitions;

– vote for public budgets;

– reserve places in the electronic queue;

– use electronic services on the iGOV state portal, ”it was reported.

Vodafone subscribers using Mobile ID will now be able to use all government services and commercial services, where earlier identification was only possible with Bank ID PrivatBank. And PrivatBank will be able to offer customers new services, which require not only personal identification, but also a qualified electronic signature.

“As our experience has shown, it is government services that are in the first place among Mobile ID users, and the most popular today is the“ Driver's Cabinet ”. Now the list of available services has expanded significantly, it is possible to apply for a subsidy, financial assistance for the birth of a child and much more through the public services portal IGov.gov.ua, ”said Yulia Yakhnovskaya, project manager for the development of Mobile ID service Vodafone.

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“PrivatBank and Vodafone were among the first to assess the potential of partnership around the idea of“ State in a smartphone ”, despite the fact that Bank ID and Mobile ID are in many ways competing identification technologies,” said Sergey Zhuk, project leader and one of the creators of the Bank system PrivatBank ID.

Andrei Tsapko, head of the development team at ID Hub, the developer of the Mobile ID system, noted that even at the design stage of the Mobile ID platform, the possibility of interaction at the level of alternative identification technologies was laid.

“Such a combined identification system operates with the most complete set of data, provides double encryption and the highest possible current security level of the user,” added Tsapko.

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