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Volkswagen ID concept car. Space Vizzio made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and it is possible that the premiere location can be considered an unambiguous allusion to the brand’s market strategy. However, the Germans are unlikely to decide to leave their native Europe without a “green” station wagon. Moreover, the concept looks almost ready for assembly line.

A car was built on the MEB platform, which has already gained serial status along with the ID hatch. 3. But Space Vizzion is noticeably larger and more powerful. Volkswagen intends to install a single electric motor with rear-wheel drive for the basic modification, which develops 280 hp, but it has already been stipulated that it is possible to make a station wagon and all-wheel drive – with the help of another electric motor. In this case, the total return of the power plant will reach 360 hp. Such a Space Vizzion will be able to gain 100 km / h in about 5 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to 175 km / h.

In length, the prototype extended by 4,958 mm, at least 586 liters of luggage will fit in the trunk, and the concept is trampled on the ground with 22-inch wheels. The exterior design is made in full accordance with family values ​​(plus some experiments with lights), but Volkswagen is particularly proud that the electric car has a very modest drag coefficient – only 0.24. Including thanks to this, Space Vizzion is able to travel up to 560 km on a single charge of a 82-kilowatt battery.

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The interior of the concept is decorated with the so-called “vegan skin” – AppleSkin material obtained by processing recycled materials. And the car and the driver communicate using the new interface system. The functions of the traditional dashboard are minimized – the main information is reported by the projection display. The data of multimedia, air conditioning system and the like are concentrated on the 15.6-inch soaring monitor, and the power plant operating modes are transferred to the steering column switch. In addition, the electric car is able to give signals to a person using “smart” lighting.

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