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The Volkswagen Group plans to part with Lamborghini, Bloomberg claims, citing insiders. Investors urge the German concern to free themselves from non-core assets, focus on the main brands – Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche and increase the market value of the group from 89 to 220 billion dollars.

Volkswagen Group needs money: the concern needs multibillion investments in the global program of electrification of the model range, the group lost about 30 billion euros in fines, compensations and other expenses due to the “dieselgate”. In addition, investors are demanding more than double the market value of Volkswagen by 2030.

The cumbersome structure will be restructured: the concern will have to get rid of some non-core assets, and parting with Lamborghini seems to be the most profitable option against the recent successes of the Italian brand.

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After the debut of the Urus crossover, the total cost of the Lamborghini has increased to $ 11 billion, and production profitability is higher than ever. Analysts at Bloomberg believe that now is a good time to spin off the Italian brand into an independent company and place shares on the stock exchange.

The final decision on Lamborghini has not yet been made: Volkswagen bosses are analyzing various options, including selling the brand and entering the IPO. It is alleged that the preparation for the separation of the Italian company is already under way, and a public announcement will be made in 2020.

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