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After a series of espionage photos and slurred teasers, Volkswagen finally distributed the sketches of the Viloran minivan. The company is positioning its new product as a “luxurious MPV,” which is intended primarily for businessmen. For China, it is produced at the Volkswagen and SAIC joint venture plant, a full presentation will be held at the end of November at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

The design of the front of the Viloran is based on the flagship Volkswagen Touareg SUV: the van received similar radiator grilles and LED optics. The horizontal dies of the lower grille to please Chinese customers are richly chrome plated. Glasses also have a brilliant edging, and the lights are interconnected by a chrome strip. And Viloran became the first SAIC Volkswagen model to try on a new brand logo.

The characteristics of the minivan have not yet been disclosed, it is only known that its length is somewhere around 5300 mm. That is, according to this indicator, the car overtook both Volkswagen Sharan (maximum 4952 mm) and its main competitor in China – the expensive Buick GL8 single-compartment car (5256 mm in the previous generation model and 5203 mm in the new MPV). According to preliminary data, Viloran will be offered in five- and seven-seater versions. It is also possible that the van will be produced in the 2 + 2 + 2 format – many MPVs on the Chinese market have such versions.

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Profile media read the Viloran gasoline “turbo four” 2.0 EA888 series, familiar from other Volkswagen models available in the Middle Kingdom. The engine produces 220 hp. and 350 Nm. All-wheel drive, probably, will not be, because locals such machines are not in special demand.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen has another joint venture in China – with the FAW concern. So, some Chinese media believe that FAW-Volkswagen will release its analogue of Viloran, but already in the form of a large crossover – this will be a serial embodiment of the SMV concept, which debuted in Shanghai in the spring. By the way, the closest relative to both Viloran and the upcoming SUV based on the Shanghai prototype is the Teramont crossover (the latter is produced by SAIC-Volkswagen).

It has not yet been announced whether an expensive minivan will get outside the Chinese market. Moreover, earlier the model was caught during tests in Spain – there is still a chance that Viloran will not be “exclusive”.

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