Ways to remove stretch marks on the body – what procedure to prefer?

Most people have stretch marks (striae), regardless of gender, although the beauty industry tries to present them as an exclusively “female” problem. There are hundreds of creams on the cosmetology market and dozens of procedures designed to cope with this. skin defect. On the most effective ways to remove stretch marks will tell in today's article.

How to deal with striae yourself?

Internet portals are full of tips on how to get rid of stretch marks on their own. A major role in this difficult task is played by preventive measures. Proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits, weight control minimize the likelihood of a defect. If the body still made defects, you can try therapy with home remedies.

Folk Drugs

Cosmetic compositions that are easily created from the means at hand, sometimes truly work wonders.

Sugar scrub

For its preparation will need:

    honey -5 tbsp. l .;
    coffee grounds – 2 tbsp. l .;
    Lemongrass essential oil – 2 drops.

Honey is better to take candied, not liquid. All components should be thoroughly mixed, applied to the skin of the abdomen or thighs, massage in a circular motion. Wash off under a hot shower. Complete the procedure by applying a moisturizer. Apply 2 times a week.

scrub removes minor skin defects and makes stretch marks less noticeable
Chocolate wrap

Prepare a potion from:

    cocoa – 15 tbsp. l .;
    goat milk;
    cinnamon – 5 g .;
    almond oil – 2 tsp.

Mix butter, cinnamon and cocoa. Add this amount of milk to the composition acquired the consistency of sour cream. The drug is distributed to the problem areas, wrapped in cellophane film. An hour later, take a warm shower. Components improve blood flow in the skin and stimulate the cells of the epidermis to actively divide. Perform the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Homemade cream

You will need:

    Mumiyo – 1 gr .;
    boiled water – 1 tsp;
    Any moisturizer – 50 gr.

Mumiye has high skin leveling properties. Squeeze a moisturizer into a sterile container, add the mummy diluted in water. Mix thoroughly. Apply the compound to problem areas 1 time a day, actively rubbing into the dermis. Keep the container in the refrigerator.

Purchased funds

On the market there are many cosmetic products to combat striae. Manufacturers promise that they have a positive effect with regular use. Price range from 300 to 5000 rubles. for a jar composition. Virtually every tool is made based on:

    natural oils;
    hyaluronic acid;
    extracts from medicinal herbs, algae;

The scheme of work is the same: through the pores, the components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and “attack” the cells, causing them to divide. Auxiliary substances moisturize the dermis, increasing its elasticity. However, many cosmetic creams against stretch marks are no more than care products. Therefore it is better to turn to pharmacy products. Well proven "Contract" and "Mederma". They can save even the old stretch marks, but the course of application must be at least six months.

Not all means can be used for pregnant women and people prone to allergies. Always read the composition information carefully!

Salon procedures for striae correction

Many women in search of an answer to the question: “What procedure should you prefer to get rid of stretch marks?” Cannot make their choice. We will try to guide you in the world of cosmetic services, promising to get rid of a cosmetic defect.


Simple, but effective measure to remove striae. Areas with flaws are polished with a special apparatus. This is a kind of mechanical peeling, but it is not the hands of a cosmetologist that are used, but innovative technologies. Microscopic crystals are sprayed onto the surface of the skin; at the same time, an apparatus with a vacuum tip removes dead cells. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. Depending on the “neglect” of the case, you may need from 5 to 20 sessions. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, well-groomed, and stretch marks are less noticeable after the 1st session. Additional "bonuses":

    pigment spots disappear;
    pores are cleaned, the ability of cells to absorb oxygen is improved;
    Collagen production is stimulated.

After microdermabrasion, you need to protect yourself from the sun (apply sunscreen or cover the treated areas with clothing). You can not take a hot shower, use products with acids in the composition. It is required to moisturize the dermis with plenty of cream. The procedure has no side effects, does not cause allergies, is suitable for owners of all skin types.

Chemical peel

On the skin are applied compounds with acids, "corrosive" top layer. After removal of the dead part of the epidermis, its cells begin to actively divide, replacing the damaged areas. Thus, chemical peels affect the stretch marks like a burn that is controlled by a beautician. The procedure stimulates the active release of collagen; a new, smooth, even form is formed at the site of the removed stratum corneum. Chemical peels are highly effective, but have a number of contraindications:

    pregnancy, lactation;
    infections, including SARS, herpes;
    disorders of the cardiovascular system;
    the presence of tumors, neoplasms.

It takes several weeks before the skin is completely restored after the session. Chemical peeling is carried out only during low solar activity (autumn, winter).


Frequent "companion" of chemical peeling, but can also be an independent measure. Its goal is to restore the quality of the skin. The price of the session depends on the depth of the stria, the places of their localization, the level of the clinic, the qualifications of the master. There are 3 types of mesotherapy:

    injection needle with the active solution is injected either subcutaneously or in the upper layer of the epidermis;
    fractional – pierce places of stretch marks directly;
    injection-free (hardware) – the medicinal composition is delivered to problem areas with an ultrasound machine.

Preparations for mesotherapy are divided into.

    homeopathic – absorbed by limftokom, spread throughout the body;
    allopathic – local effects.
    combined – the most effective, combining the properties of the previous groups.

Injection methods have proven to be more effective. The needle stimulates the nerve endings in the cells, the solution penetrates deeper. It accelerates the metabolism, increases the skin turgor, eliminates pigmentation. 8-10 sessions of mesotherapy completely relieve small striae. After the need for preventive procedures. Their frequency is determined by a beautician.

The hardware technique is painless. After the procedure, there are no traces of injections. It is shown to people on whose body defects appeared 2-3 months ago. Against the old, deep flaws, it is powerless.

Mesotherapy is not painful and effective for small stretch marks
Laser correction

There are several modern ways to remove stretch marks with a laser. These are radical methods, they have proven to be effective in combating the old, deep flaws in the skin. Minus laser correction in the long recovery period. It is forbidden for people suffering from infectious diseases, various types of dermatitis, cancer patients, and pregnant women.

Cold Beam Grinding

The essence of the standard treatment is that on the skin with the defect the layer of the epidermis is completely “evaporated”. The depth of grinding is determined by the beautician, depending on the type of defect. This is a shock therapy for cells. Having received a signal that their existence is under threat, they begin to actively share. Soft tissues are regenerated by the epidermis, and not by the connective material. The cold beam is divided into 2 types:

    erbium – works with the upper layers of the dermis, does not have a trembling effect on the epidermis;
    carbonic – penetrates deeply, “burning out” cells located in the lower layers of the skin, without pain.

Some patients are offered local anesthesia. It all depends on the individual pain threshold. After the session, the skin peels off and itches. After 10 days, the result is manifested.

Fractional thermolysis

DOT grinding is performed under the close supervision of a physician. Modern laser for this procedure is equipped with:

    a scanner that determines the density of the skin, the depth of striae, the places of their localization;
    cooling system, making the procedure painless and less traumatic.

In the process of processing the problem area, the laser beam pointwise affects defects without affecting healthy areas, preventing microbirds. During the session, the patient feels only a slight tingling. This method aligns the convex and deep stretch marks, starts the exchange processes in the epidermis. The effect is noticeable after 8-10 procedures.

Laser lifting

The combined method of treatment of the skin has virtually no side effects. It allows you to:

    restore the damaged dermis;
    tighten sagging skin;
    to achieve smoothness, uniformity of the skin;
    improve the contours of the figure.

Laser lifting is shown to people who quickly dropped 10 kg or more. It is often chosen as a measure of rapid rehabilitation of women after childbirth. This is an expensive procedure. After it, you can not visit the bath, sauna, solarium, so as not to level the effect. You must follow a diet. By strictly following the recommendations, you will forget about stretches for 5-6 years.

Preventive measures

To prevent stretch marks, or at least reduce the likelihood of their appearance really. But most begin to think about it when an unpleasant defect has already appeared. Remember that all preventive measures are to maintain the tone, elasticity of the skin. Therefore, do not neglect the obvious advice.

    Control weight. Even if you "eat" too much, do not go on fast starvation diets. You throw off the fat, but become the owner of saggy, stretched skin that did not have time to adjust to the new weight.
    Moisturize the skin. After water treatments, use oils and creams that retain moisture. No need to buy special formulations for pregnant women, regular care standard means no less effective.
    Drink more water. The lack of moisture reduces the turgor of the skin.
    Pay attention to your health. Take hormone tests at least once every 2 years to determine the likelihood of imbalance. What markers to pass for you, tell the attending physician.
    Get rid of bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol not only dry the skin, but also take your health, slowing down the metabolic processes. Including, in the epidermis.
    Eat a full and varied. Vitamins, beneficial trace elements, saturated fatty acids increase the ability of epidermal cells to actively divide. Be sure to eat fish, fruits, nuts, raw vegetables.
    Moderately visit the bath in the absence of contraindications from the cardiovascular system. Bath helps to improve blood flow, helps exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis, thereby, stimulates the regenerative function of the dermis.

Striae is not a sentence, but just an annoying cosmetic flaw of the skin, which modern correction techniques will help get rid of. In this article we told you about how to remove stretch marks. What procedure from the list to choose, you decide. Contact the proven salons to competent professionals, so as not to waste money.

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