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Drinking water is one that can be safely consumed every day, without limiting yourself to certain doses. The main difference from table and mineral waters is the reduced salt content, as well as the quality compliance with established SanPiN standards. Not all water falls under the definition of drinking. Therefore, it is important to understand the main types and features of the choice of this vital product.

Categories and varieties

Drinking water is divided into two categories.

Firstand I. To her special security requirements. To verify this, the product is tested under laboratory conditions for the absence of germs. In general, the analysis is carried out on 93 indicators. This includes a large number of harmful components and contaminants. The presence of microorganisms is strictly unacceptable. The content of micronutrients beneficial to the body is welcomed: calcium, magnesium, iodine.

Higher. This water is not just safe, but is of the highest quality. It contains all the important elements. Requirements for water of the highest category regarding the presence of toxins are more stringent than in the case of the first. For nutrients, a specific framework is established – no more and no less than a certain amount. By the way, water of the highest category is sold in the Vodaplus company.

Drinking water is divided into certain types.

Mineral. Assumes mineralization of more than 1 g / l. It is characterized by therapeutic effects. In general, it all depends on the well. Both useful and harmful components can be contained here. It is worth remembering that mineral water is absolutely unacceptable to drink in unlimited quantities. It is taken in a course or in certain doses. Popular examples of such products are Borjomi, Essentuki, etc. The label indicates the medical-table purpose of the water.

Artesian. It is extracted from wells. Often the sources are located at a depth of 100 m. Water is purified when it seeps through natural filter rocks. Here it is also enriched with a variety of beneficial trace elements. But sometimes in the composition can get and harmful substances, for example, iron.

Children's Such water undergoes a special cleaning procedure, due to which all harmful substances are removed from the composition. High concentrations of xenobiotics can provoke allergic reactions, worsen the immune system and disturb metabolism. For a child’s body, all this is very dangerous, so experts strongly recommend giving the child special purified water.

Glacial and melt. Since ancient times, mankind attributed to this water special healing qualities. Some argue that it contributes to the rapid growth of plants, increases the biological activity of organisms. When freezing, the water changes its structure and after melting it turns out to be more useful and clean.

It is worth noting that with the purchase of such products you need to carefully examine the label. If it says "glacial mineral water", it is probably fake. Melt and glacial water contains the minimum amount of mineral components, if we compare it with the usual medical-dining room.

It can be concluded that the highest safe water is the safest and most useful. It is better for children to buy special products where there are no harmful substances in the composition. Mineral-dining is used for treatment or prevention, and strictly prescribed by a doctor.

Principles of choice

It turns out that the choice of drinking water may also have some difficulties. Therefore, you need to responsibly approach this issue. There are several basic criteria that will help choose a good drinking water. Analyze the following points:

  • manufacturer – before you buy water of a particular brand, make sure that the company has a good reputation. You can chat with the manager, examine the reviews of other customers in the forums, etc .;
  • the origin – it is better to clarify where the source is from which the company takes the water for bottling. The problem is that not all manufacturers are responsible for this. Some extract water from polluted wells in the city, others from ordinary water supply;
  • quality control – water must be tested for compliance with the established requirements. Its chemical composition, taste, smell, etc. are analyzed. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers pay due attention to this, as a result of which consumers have to buy low-quality water;
  • composition – drinking water should not contain additives, dyes, sweeteners. Unconditionally the requirement for the absence of impurities, bacteria and harmful compounds.

Remember that saving on drinking water is absolutely not worth it. Your health and your loved ones depend on it. Trust proven manufacturers and carefully select drinking water.

Based on materials from the site vodaplus.ru

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