Wedding rings – an important attribute of the newlyweds


One of the highlights of the preparation for the wedding – is the choice of wedding rings. Future spouses will wear them more than one day, like wedding dresses. Therefore, the choice of wedding rings should be approached especially carefully.

This task is simple only at first glance. In fact, when choosing rings, one may encounter many nuances and nuances.

Which rings to choose

Today, young people prefer wedding rings made of silver and platinum, but the demand for traditional gold rings is also great. Every year more and more couples purchase products with a diamond cut and precious stones.

Very often, wedding rings have to be combined with other decorations, so experts recommend choosing rings made up of two or three types of metal.

Wedding rings are chosen according to hand size. For example, on long and thin fingers, both narrow and wide rings look good. For large hands with long fingers, it is better to choose wide wedding rings. Holders of short fingers is better to choose narrow rings. On the fingers of medium length, rings with a width of 4–5 millimeters will look optimal.

Beware of fakes

Wedding rings, like any other jewelry, are often forged. How to recognize a fake?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of a tag on the ring, inside which all product characteristics must be given.

However, the tags are also fake, so experts recommend buying wedding rings only in stores and jewelry stores that have long been on the market and have proven themselves well.

Brand rings

Today it has become fashionable to buy rings of famous brands. However, the prices of such products start from 50 thousand rubles. But if you buy branded rings abroad, they will be much cheaper. Not only will the price itself be lower, but also when you cross the border you will be reimbursed for VAT, since you are not a citizen of this country and are not obliged to pay tax, which is included in the price of the product.

Custom rings

Today, many newlyweds prefer to make wedding rings to order. So you can become the owner of original and unique products.

The most suitable test of gold for the manufacture of the ring 585. This test means that in the alloy of which the jewelry is made, 58, 5% of gold is located. Products of such a test are quite practical, and therefore popular. But the products of gold of the highest 958 samples are often scratched and crumpled during everyday wear.

Rings are cast on the layout, which is created by the designer when agreed with the customer. The production time of wedding rings takes up to four weeks.

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