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By making this component a permanent member of the cosmetic bag, you provide a great service to skin health. We tell why this is so.

Thermal water, as its name implies, comes in cosmetic jars from hot springs. They beat from the depths of the earth, where they heat up and come to the surface of the earth – mineralized and enriched with many useful trace elements: for example, calcium, magnesium, silicon, biocarbonates. It can be said that thermal water is a substance that has taken the best from the wealth of the earth. How to transfer it to your skin and not lose a single drop of precious benefits, tells Ekaterina Turubara, medical expert brand VICHY.

What is special about it

Thermal water differs from other face sprays primarily in composition. Thermal water and nothing else are in the thermal water bottle: neither flavors nor preservatives. First of all, it should be said that thermal water can be called exclusively of natural origin, which is formed in the bowels of the earth. The liquid obtained in any other way (enriched with minerals in the laboratory, saturated with useful extracts of exotic plants and created by other alchemy) can bear any name – except thermal.

Thermal plus sign

Thermal water is an active component in itself, which works depending on the composition, and the product based on it “inherits” the properties of the liquid. Due to minerals, calcium and silicon, thermal water also soothes the skin. Calcium perfectly eliminates redness, reducing vascular permeability (read also: “What to eat for vascular health”), because it is not for nothing that its solution is administered during a strong allergic reaction. Silicon enhances the barrier properties of the skin, preventing the penetration of foreign substances through the epidermis. Potassium and sodium maintain the water balance of the skin, allowing it to retain moisture.

Some thermal waters have antioxidant properties (due to the content of manganese and selenium), calcium and silicon – strengthen thin skin, and rich in zinc and sulfur are effective for acne. Medium- and highly mineralized thermal waters heal the skin and are used for burns and other injuries.

A rare feature that is characteristic only of “selected” waters is the buffering effect, namely, the ability to restore the skin's PH, changing under the influence of negative external factors. Other ingredients of cosmetics of this property are deprived, therefore, moisturizing gels and creams based on thermal water are indispensable in the polluted atmosphere of a big city. They are ideally suited for use after peels, chlorinated pool water and other chemical influences.

How to get maximum benefit

Maximum use of thermal water brings, if applied to cleansed skin (see also: “Juicing: main mistakes and how to correct them”): after tonic before applying the cream. Then the minerals penetrate as fully and deeply as possible. Thermal water is sprayed on the face from a distance of 20-30 centimeters. If desired, the drops can be wetted with a soft cloth, after a minute – another after application (but not immediately – minerals should be given time to act.

It is also useful to spray thermal water on the face during the day directly on top of the make-up: yes, some minerals will inevitably get stuck on the tonal tool, but some will maintain the skin’s defenses in the not-so-useful office atmosphere. You can repeat the procedure as often as you like. Also, thermal water can be sprinkled with furry hair or sun-burned skin: in the first case, it will relieve electrostatic tension, in the second – at least minimally soothe the inflamed tissue.

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