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"How to restore skin radiance and freshness with the help of home and salon care?"

“It is considered that summer is not the right time for cosmetic procedures, but my skin is very dry and dull: something needs to be done. Just home care does not help. Tell me how I feel better do? What procedures to choose? "

Elizaveta, 35

Specialist Answer:

How to understand that the skin is really experiencing a critical lack of hydration? To do this, just look in the mirror. The face becomes pale and dull. Smoothness and silkiness disappears, skin becomes dry and rough, its sensitivity increases. Problems associated with dull skin can include dilated pores, spider veins, circles under the eyes, acne, and pigmentation.

The reasons for this phenomenon can be very different: from bad habits to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and circulatory disorders. In order to achieve a noticeable improvement in the quality of fabrics, you need to start with well-chosen home care. The composition of funds aimed at combating "drought" and dull complexion, as a rule, includes a whole complex of substances: vitamin C, low concentration retinoids, fruit acids, antioxidants … But I especially want to say about the so-called "Hydro fixers" – hyaluronic acid, amino acids, minerals, algae extracts (carrageenan or laminarin). The mechanism of their action is based on hydrophilicity – this is when a substance attracts water to itself and holds it in the epidermis (for example, one hyaluronic acid molecule holds up to 1000 water molecules).

In addition to good home care, you need the help of a specialist, cosmetologist. Each person is individual and the doctor's recommendations depend on the condition and age of the particular patient. Nevertheless, I can give some universal tips. To solve the problem of dull dehydrated skin, I recommend to undergo a course of chemical peeling, thanks to which the natural protective functions of the body are activated, the active production of hyaluronic acid begins, the cells begin to produce large amounts of collagen and elastin, the skin surface becomes more elastic and taut. As a rule, chemical peels are recommended to be carried out in the fall or winter, but in the arsenal of the “Clinic of Academic Cosmetology” there is, for example, chemical peel PRX-t33. This is an innovative program of deep and delicate cleansing, and even tissue renewal. Due to its formula, peeling does not destroy the upper layers of the skin, preserving the living cells of the epidermis and removing the dead, so you can hold it in the summer. The rehabilitation period after such a peeling is absent, which allows the patient to plunge into their affairs immediately after leaving the clinic.

In addition, for the full recovery of the skin will be useful to complete the course. mesotherapy. Cocktails based on hyaluronic acid, stimulate metabolic processes in tissues, fight dehydration and provide a noticeable facial rejuvenation. Collagen and elastin make the skin supple and elastic, strengthening the oval. An impressive effect of skin rejuvenation can be achieved using plant extracts, organic acids, vitamins, amino acids and peptides. Mesotherapy is remarkable for its complex effect: complementing each other, the components of the cocktail smooth wrinkles, provide a face lift and freshness of the skin.

The course of chemical peeling and mesotherapy is individual for each patient, but on average it is necessary to carry out 4 to 6 chemical peeling procedures with an interval of 7-10 days and after a week you can begin a course of mesotherapy which includes from 5 to 10 procedures with an interval of one week .


Farha Iyad – Chief Doctor of the Clinic of Academic Cosmetology, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist.

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