What repair is better to do?


A survey of several thousand people from ten countries of the world showed that every second respondent felt much happier after the repairs in the apartment had ended.

In fact, many perceive the repair as a natural disaster. And often repairs cause squabbles and scandals between spouses. 7% of Russians admitted that during the repair they even thought about a divorce. However, 40% of Russians consider repairing an exciting activity.

Also, according to statistics, the Russians turned out to be more independent in matters of repair than residents of other countries. Only 13% of Russians during the repair listen to the advice of friends and relatives, and in Germany this figure is 38%.

Of course, the repair does not need to be afraid, because after the renovation of housing, sometimes there are prospects for updating other areas of life. Especially today there are many companies that make turnkey apartment renovation. By hiring such specialists, you can significantly save your time, strength and nerves.

Before you start the repair, you need to understand what you want to change in your home, and also really evaluate your budget. After all, repair today is not a cheap pleasure.

It will cost the least cosmetic repairs. This includes mainly wallpaper glueing, painting walls, windows, doors, batteries, etc. But here we must understand that in this way you only refresh your apartment.

The next type of repair is a major one. It includes changing communications, replacing the floor, windows and doors. However, this repair option is more expensive.

An even more costly option is redevelopment. This type of repair is suitable for those who are bored with their own apartment, and who have decided to radically change it. However, permission is required to tear down walls. This type of repair will also cost a pretty penny. More expensive than this can only be an exclusive repair from a famous designer.


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