What tattoos can not stuff?

Tattooing is a modern way of expression. Did you know that some drawings can change fate, but not only in a positive sense? There are patterns that are considered bad form in society. In today's article we will discuss an important question: "What tattoos can't you stuff? "

What can not beat the guys?

Prison headdresses

If the owner does not belong to a certain criminal community, others will incorrectly interpret the meaning of the pattern. Yes, and prison ornaments look repulsive. Here is what they mean:

    beetle, cat – pickpocket symbols;
    domes – the number of "bows" of the church is equal to the number of hits in jail;
    spider – thief pattern;
    crucifix – authority;
    bell – the owner has fully served his sentence;
    knife on the neck – participation in the murder;
    rings on the fingers – have a different meaning, defining the class of the prisoner and the type of his activity;
    icon – a man "stood on the criminal path" in his youth.

Beloved woman's name

Time flows, everything changes, but tattoos remain on the skin for a lifetime, or it is very difficult to reduce. If the roads with your beloved go their separate ways, you will have to explain the new passion, why the name of another is written on the body.

Drawings on the waist and abdomen

Exclusively female "chips". A man with such a pattern looks ridiculous, and some people around him doubt his manliness.

belly tattoo
Tears on face

Tattoo on the face is extremely doubtful choice. Most professional craftsmen who take a lot of money for their work refuse to fill such drawings. In some Latin American countries, tears indicate a mortal sin.


Speaking of which tattoos can not be stuffed to men, it is impossible not to mention the web. Worldwide, it is considered bad form and informs others that a person is addicted to drugs.


Forbidden tattoo for girls


Fluttering creature on the body – a symbol of the representative of the oldest profession. We do not recommend stuffing such a tattoo to girls. She may be misinterpreted by the stronger sex.

Children's names

Meaningless inscriptions that look as if you are afraid to forget the names of your own children. Especially ridiculous look in conjunction with the date of birth. Let it remain in the documents, and not on the skin.

child's name and date of birth

Quite a common picture can play a cruel joke with a girl if he is stuffed in the wrong style. The fair sex often decorate the body with skulls with long hair entwined with flowers and lianas. It looks feminine and unusual. The rough, "naked" skull in black tones disfigures the female body. The image with bulging eyes is allowed to fill only girls who have experienced a strong shock in life and have adequately endured adversity.


What tattoos should not be done to anyone?


Chinese calligraphy is a delicate matter. One wrong movement of the machine, and the meaning of the inscription may change in the opposite direction. In addition, the character changes the value in combination with other drawings.

Religious symbols

Faith and religious beliefs – a personal matter. You should not make them for all to see. Priests of different faiths are negative about religious symbols on their skin.

religious subjects
Nazi symbols

A swastika and an imperial eagle can be the reason why a doctor in Germany will not accept you, even if your life is in danger. In Russia, for such tattoos you can get a fine.

Nazi symbols
Portraits of loved ones

It is incredibly difficult to draw a face so that it perfectly matches the image in the photo. In 99% of the tattoo turns into something blurred, in outline the oval of a native person is hardly guessed.

Portraits of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe

Behind the scenes it is believed that they bring bad luck and unhappiness. If you are a fan of dead celebrities, give preference to posters on the wall.

Michael Jackson
Number 13 and pentagram

Unhappy signs. Many desperate people who reject the mystic impaled them, but confessed that after a while they began to be in trouble.


In what places and under what circumstances can you not stuff a tattoo?

In addition to the obvious contraindications for applying a pattern to the body (nuances related to health), it is necessary to additionally mention the parts of the body on which the presence of a pattern is undesirable. These are intimate zones, the navel area (the skin here is subject to age-related changes and stretch marks) and the face. Do not beat the ornament on the foot or inner phalanx of the finger and wrist, it will quickly fade and blur.

People often ask themselves: “In which professions you cannot have a tattoo?” If the image is on a site that is always covered with clothes, you should not worry about the refusal of the employer. But the ornament can become a serious obstacle in the way of moving up the career ladder if you plan to work:

    in the modeling business;
    in the banking sector and the prosecutor's office (drawing on the visible parts of the arms, neck, behind the ear).

tattoo on the neck

By the way, men who have a tattoo and dream of serving in the Kremlin regiment can forget about their plans. They will not be taken there.

Tattoo is an art. Approach the choice of drawing wisely and trust the body to a professional. Be sure to check out our list of prohibited tattoos to avoid unpleasant situations.

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