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The new communication standard is called Wi-Fi 6.

Information has appeared in the world media that Wi-Fi wireless communication will become even better in the near future. The upcoming update will make the connection even faster and more convenient. Back in September, the new IEEE 802.11ax wireless technology was approved; It was called Wi-Fi 6. It is known that in connection with the emergence of a new connection, new devices will also appear that will support new wireless capabilities. In addition, this will contribute to the creation of networks with greater speed. About this writes the portal The Coin Shark.

It is reported that, technically, the new generation of Wi-Fi wireless networks boasts 37% faster speeds than 802.11ac. Most importantly, the new communication standard implies 4 times higher bandwidth per user, which is especially necessary in crowded places. In addition, energy efficiency should increase, which allows to extend the battery life of the device. Higher speed will especially please active Internet users, in particular gamblers, who need fast speed to search for good offers on gambling information sites, for example here.

In order to achieve these improvements, Wi-Fi 6 developers have carried out extensive work to borrow multi-user technology from the field of cellular communications, namely MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies. They increase throughput to the required level due to more careful use of the spectrum and simultaneous connections. Experts in the field of modern technologies are sure that by 2022 Wi-Fi 6 will become a full-fledged home connection for Internet access. In their opinion, in each house there will be several tens of connected gadgets using Wi-Fi technology. This is the wide bandwidth of the new communication standard, which is extremely important. About how the Internet looked in the early 90s, see here. It's amazing how much has changed during this time.

By the way, this is not the only advantage of the sixth generation wireless network. So, for example, it has a wider spectrum with several channels to provide more communication routes, higher performance, which is almost 4 times higher at the maximum range of the access point. In addition, the new connection has offloading wireless traffic from cellular networks, where there is poor reception.

It is known that the latest generation of Wi-Fi is already implemented in relatively new gadgets – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Apple iPhone 11. Certification has already been officially launched, which means that in the near future the standard will be implemented by all major manufacturers. You can make the obvious assumption that 2020 will be the year of Wi-Fi 6. As for Wi-Fi 7, it will appear in 2024.

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