WhatsApp has made millions of people crazy with a stunning new feature

This is a new experimental feature of WhatsApp, which is available in the test installations of the messenger for Android, iOS and Web operating systems. Innovation has a tremendous new function, the emergence of which millions of people have long dreamed about. During the rapid growth of the popularity of various emoticons, the developers have decided to offer all users the opportunity to use those that are animated, that is, they look as alive.

Unlike conventional GIF animations, emoticons of the new format will be played on a continuous infinite basis, not just a few seconds. In addition, as reported by developers, they create a new algorithm for adding emoticons to the app for iOS and Android, while not violating the rules of the App Store stores and Google Play.

Unfortunately, the developers do not specify in what conditions the animated emoticons in WhatsApp will appear on a permanent basis. It is possible that this will depend on feedback from users, that is, if smartphone owners make this innovation tasteful, it will be kept on a permanent basis. It would be desirable to believe that the ability to send moving emoticons will appear on users of the most popular messenger for Android and iOS very soon, and at the same time developers will be able to add third-party sets.

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