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A meeting of the leadership of Xiaomi took place, at which the head of the company announced important changes in strategy. For the sake of optimizing production, the Chinese manufacturer refused to release further smartphones from the popular line of budget models Mi Max and Mi Note.

According to the leadership of Xiaomi, these models have already become obsolete, so it makes no sense to maintain this model range. In 2020, new smartphones with these names will not be released. Thus, the latest mobile device from this once popular line was Xiaomi Mi Max 3, released in July 2018.

The peculiarity of the Mi Max line was that they had a huge display and case size. In turn, the Mi Note devices were enlarged copies of the flagship Mi devices (for example, Mi 9), but with a weaker processor. Statistics showed that the last two years, the demand for these devices has fallen dramatically.

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However, in the future, according to an official source, their production may well resume again, but this will happen no earlier than 2020, and also if the market demands the return of these mobile devices.

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