Xiaomi vipustila new india mobile Android


3 April 2019 rock, Xiaomi vpustila korgovy novodok for Android, melodiously, you can unrecognizable. This software is a new graphical wrapper, called Poco Launcher, and a mobile phone for the Pocophone F1 smartphone can be installed, but now you can install it on your mobile phone that is available on the market. Gadgets from Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google, Meizu, Meizu, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola and any other brands.

The graphical obolon of the name Poco Launcher is called the Android interface of the main elements of Android, which also provides access to high-quality mobile phones. So, for example, by helping out special shots in the lower part of the screen, you can easily see the programs. Novy launcher vіd Xiaomi mix in your dog Navigate dark with those decorated.

You can download the program from the Google Play store, available to all users is absolutely free, and the price is a great plus. You can perform this installation on a gadget view.

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