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The new YouTube use rules have caused concern among many channel authors and ordinary users – now the service will be able to delete “commercially unprofitable” accounts. This is written by Mashable.

YouTube began sending users emails with updated terms of service at the end of last week. They said that the service may remove or restrict access to the service for users who do not bring YouTube enough profit.

“YouTube may terminate your access or Google account access to the Service in whole or in part, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that it is commercially inappropriate to provide the Service to you,” the letter said.

There are no such conditions in the current rules for using the service.

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Which accounts will fall under the definition of "commercially unprofitable" is still unknown. New rules may allow YouTube to remove channels that do not bring enough advertising money to the service.

How updated rules will affect users is also not yet completely clear. Presumably, YouTube will be able to delete the accounts of users who watch a lot of videos, but do not bring the company enough money from watching ads or subscribing.

Owners of deleted accounts can continue to use the service in viewing mode.

The new rules will enter into force on December 10, 2019.

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