ZTE has patented a smartphone without frames and connectors

ZTE has patented two new smartphones with very thin frames around the perimeter of the screen. Perhaps one of them can really be called frivolous.


Documents were filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in mid-2018 and were published only April 5 this year.


The first smartphone is deprived of any additional elements on the front panel, since it is all occupied by the screen. On the right is one physical button, and behind is a triple main camera. The fingerprint sensor is most likely built into the surface of the display. The smartphone is devoid of any connectors.
The second model will be more budget, judging by the dual main camera and fingerprint sensor on the back.
In addition, there is a speakerphone speaker on the screen, and standard connectors for headphones and charging, as well as power-up and volume buttons, are visible on the case.


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