Zuckerberg does not guarantee protection against interference in the European Parliament elections

Facebook's social network is much better than in 2016, struggling with interference in elections, but cannot guarantee that the site will not be used to intervene in elections to the European Parliament in May.

This was stated by Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg, writes Reuters.

After Russian trolls used Facebook and other social networks to influence the elections that unexpectedly brought Donald Trump to power in the United States, Facebook said it had made efforts to defend the EU elections on May 26.

At the request of EU regulators, to do more to protect against foreign interference in the upcoming EP elections, Facebook tightened its rules for political advertising in Europe last week.

Zuckerberg said that since 2016 there have been many important elections that were relatively clean and demonstrated measures that were taken to protect them.

"We certainly have made great progress … But no, I don’t think that someone can insure (from interference – ed.) A world where there are nation states that are trying to intervene in elections, we cannot make a single things and say "well, now we have solved this problem," Zuckerberg said in an interview with the Irish national broadcaster RTE.

"This is a permanent arms race in which we are constantly building up defenses, and these sophisticated governments are also developing their tactics," he added.

He also announced that he plans to step up efforts to combat disinformation in the run-up to the ballot and will work with the German news agency DPA to strengthen the verification of the facts.

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“Here, in the EU, for the upcoming elections, we prepared a complete set of all strategies and tools that have worked very well in many important elections so far, so I’m pretty sure,” Zuckerberg said during his visit to Dublin, where Facebook flat.

"But I think we should expect that some countries that are trying to intervene will just keep trying, so we have to stay one step ahead of them and continue this work to stay ahead."

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